Do you also have a renovation planned, do you have great ideas or are you still unsure?


We are happy to convince you! Every project receives the same attention from us and we always come up with tailor-made solutions. We are happy to build a beautiful world together with you.


At Sk Construction Company, we do things slightly differently. We are contractors with a great sense of design. You can therefore expect a lot of creativity from us in the interpretation and implementation of your construction project.


A conversation about your construction plans starts at Sk  Construction Company with many questions from our side. We would love to hear why you want to renovate. Do you want more comfort or is a renovation necessary? How do you want to live in your home and what is your family composition? Based on your answers, we put our creativity to work and give honest advice on many solutions. Our final plan may therefore differ from your original idea, but it will better suit your personal housing needs.


Our affinity with design ensures that we always go a step further, for example by including the interior in the overall plan. Our employees are fully responsible for their own projects that match their talents. So you are assured of a consultant who is not only expert and creative, but also very involved.


We are makers and mood builders.