After you have considered the offer, you make a decision about the assignment. By agreement, we further formalize the agreements and translate the design into a detailed budget.
You and us and our construction partners will advise you on the completion of your home and will test the necessary permits. In this phase, the use of color and the choice of materials for the inside and outside of your home are also determined. This gives you a good insight into the final construction costs. Would you like to continue with us? Then we sign the final agreement together.

If a building permit is required, we will assist you on the basis of the technical documents with the application to the municipality.

This also applies to matters such as environmental, cutting and demolition permits. The planning of the construction is also started, as well as ordering the necessary materials. In this phase, all preparations are made that lead to the next step: construction.

All advice obtained by us is processed, resulting in the final design drawings, which are then converted into implementation drawings.

Modernized Special Living Spaces

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